A PDF generation tools for Ruby, with design tool for editing templates.


Thinreports is a PDF generation tool that provides Thinreports Basic Editor and Thinreports Section Editor, a design tool for editing templates, and Thinreports Generator, a Ruby library for generating PDFs.

Getting Started

Thinreports allows you to create PDF layouts using the Thinreports Editor, and then load the created template files with Thinreports Generator to generate PDFs by dynamically embedding values and changing shapes and layouts.

Two Available Template Formats

Currently, Thinreports supports two types of template formats. These are called Basic Format and Section Format, respectively.

The basic functionality of both formats is the same, but Section Format is more functional, expressive, and modern. Also, because of the different design philosophy, the tools and APIs used in each format are different.

Basic Format

Basic Format is a traditional and stable format in which shapes, text, etc. are placed on a fixed size canvas and a PDF is generated.

Section Format

Currently under development

Section Format is a new template format that allows you to define a layout by dividing it into units called sections, and then freely combine them to generate a PDF.


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Code of Conduct

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