In order to use Thinreports, Thinreports Editor and Thinreports Generator are required. Here, we will outline the details on obtaining and installing these components.

Thinreports Editor



Download the latest editor suitable for your OS from the release page. Extract the downloaded zip file and place the created folder in an arbitrary place. You can launch the Editor by executing the executable file in the folder.


Just delete the folder.

Version 0.9.0 is available as a Chrome application. However, as announced by Google, it is decided that Chrome applications will be discontinued soon.

  1. Download the zip file of the version (0.9.x) you want to install from the release page and extract it
  2. Boot Chrome, and move to Extensions page to enter chrome://extensions to the Address bar
  3. Check the [Developer mode] box
  4. Click the [Load unpacked extensions…] button, and select the folder where you extracted in the step1

You can launch from chrome://apps.

Thinreports Generator


In order to use Thinreports Generator, Ruby and Ruby’s Package Management System RubyGems are required.

Using Bundler

If you are installing through bundler , you will need to install the Bundler.

$ gem install bundler

Then, add the Thinreports gem to your Gemfile as shown below.

gem 'thinreports'

The gem will be installed when the bundle command is executed.

$ bundle install

Using RubyGems

To install the gem, use the gem command as shown below.

$ gem install thinreports


$ gem update thinreports